Giulia is a musician, songwriter, entertainer, and talented cook who was born in Florence, Italy and raised against the luxuriant backdrop of the
Chianti vines and Tuscan hills.

As a girl she’d help her Grandma, Mom and Nanny in the kitchen with simple chores like chopping garlic or parsley as they prepared hand made pasta and authentic mouth watering Italian recipes.

After receiving her doctorate in medicine in 2007, Giulia decided to focus her energy on realizing a life­long dream of writing and performing songs.

Giulia now offers her expertise in cooking, health and music in one unique experience.

A house concert with Giulia includes a healthy and delicious meal during which she shares authentic Italian recipes and guidance in preparing food with both nutrition and flavor in mind.

Infused with humor, songs, travel stories and mouth watering aromas; dinner with Giulia is educational, entertaining and loads of fun.

Her cuisine is authentic Italian, simple, nutritious and healthy the ay her Grandma and Mother taught her.

She now resides in Austin, TX where her eclectic sound and infectious personality has won the hearts of musicians and aficionados alike.

She is about to release her fifth solo album (spring 2016).

She plays the guitar and sings in English, Italian, Spanish and French.




con mamma

My mom Donatella and I


My grandma Leda

Chillin' on my porch in Austin, Tx

Chillin’ on my porch in Austin, Tx

Playing my Eko guitar in my beautiful Tuscany

Playing my Eko guitar in my beautiful Tuscany